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Renewal of Vows

More and more couples are choosing to celebrate their marriage with a Renewal of Vows. This can take place after a year, 10 years, or at any time in life when a couple want to express their gratitude for the relationship they have and to promise to cherish each other in the years to come. Family and friends come together to wish them well, and it is also often an opportunity for the parents to express their love for the children that the marriage has given them. Renewal of Vows ceremonies are warm, happy and touching events.

"Thank you for the lovely ceremony, you made it so special for us. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the first 25 years!"

Commitment Ceremonies

Some couples express their love and lifelong commitment without the legal aspects of a wedding. This can include couples who simply prefer not to be married, and those who have decided to formally make a Partnership Agreement with the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The ceremony is usually very similar in style to a marriage ceremony, with expressions of heartfelt love, vows and the exchange of rings.

Commitment ceremonies are beautiful and meaningful and an opportunity for the couple, with their friends and families, to celebrate their love and to make enduring promises to each other.

"It was a really wonderful day for us. Thank you for all your help in making it perfect."


A beautiful Funeral Ceremony is a fitting way to farewell a loved one. It is a celebration of a life well-lived, and a moment when family and friends can express their gratitude for the opportunity of sharing that life. A meaningful ceremony reflects the love of the family and gives comfort and peace in a difficult and painful time. I became interested in Funeral Celebrancy because I saw it as a privilege to walk with people through one of life's big events. The courage and love that people show at those times is always very heartwarming. I feel close to the family through sharing such a special experience.

"The service was beautiful and everything you said was perfect. We appreciate your help in making Mum’s farewell a special and peaceful goodbye."

"I saw you conduct a funeral last week and thought you were wonderful! Now I am writing to you as my lovely Nanna has passed away this morning and we are making funeral arrangements. We would love it if you could do the service."

"I want to thank you for the service yesterday. It was lovely and I appreciate all the work you did. Mum would have loved it!"

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